Dec 11, 2011

DIY Statement Necklace

I am loving the RAW jewelry trends that has been in the fashion picture the last few seasons. Either matched with classical pieces making the look more rocked, or all out rocker! This DIY statement necklace got all the attention last time I was out and about town.

You dont need much, some wool nitting yarn, and some nuts from the local hardware store ex. Lowes.

(Jeg kjøpte en boks for 49 kr på biltema og hadde mere igjen når jeg var ferdig.)

You start of by just braiding the yarn, I tied the end of the rope to my foot to have something to braid agains. Then when you have the desired length you start adding the metall nuts. You add one metall pice for every time you take one of the side strings over the center one. 
Try to braid it as tight as possible. 

When you have achieved the lengt of "metall" you want, you start braiding normally again. I made a tassel in each end and i love the effect! 

If you want the metall part to be thicker you repeat the process with a few modifications. 
Now you only add a metall piece when you take the string from the right side, when you are going to bring the left siden towards the center you pull the string through the metall circle that is already in your necklace. (In the picture it looks like I didn't start at the end, but i didn't like the effect of the necklace only being thicker in the center, so i re-did it, starting at the very end. 

Tie it around you neck and TaTaaaa!!! this DIY takes a good hour, but its sooo worth it in the end!!

You can play with the color of the metall, try spray painting it gold or Neon, and let me know how it goes!

Give it a try, DIY!



  1. hi k, this is really nice! well done!

  2. love it!

  3. Thank you so much both of you!!! If you try it yourself with a twist let me know, and ill post the results :)

    love K

  4. How fun! xoxo

  5. Hello, friday! ;)

    Thank you!! send in a Pic if you give it a try! I see that you are from Chicago! I love Chicago, my aunt lives in Naperville! :)

    have a great evening!

    love K

  6. I like your version a zillion times better. Great job!!

  7. first, i love your blog :)
    and this is such a great idea, I've got these nuts, I'll try as soon as its possible...


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