Feb 12, 2012

DIY Cheap Room Upgrade

Lately I've been seeing so many great wall decoration ideas. And they could so easily and cheaply be DIY'ed (what could be better?). Bring some spring into your life and upgrade your living space! 

What about wrapping some (empty) pizza boxes with gift wrap and arranging it on a empty wall.
Cheap, easy and awesome! 

If you already have some frames lying around, paint them all the same color to make it look unison, and frame some gift wrap and scrapbook paper. 

Feeling lazy and still want an update? Scrapbook paper is normally less than a dollar per sheet, take a trip to your closest craft store and grab a few that color coordinate. Then all you have to do is blue tag them to the wall. This was my wall decor while I lived in the dorms! No hassle to make or remove! 

Feeling crafty? All you need is some glue and an old news paper to make a few of the above decorations, frame them, pin them to the wall or make a faux canvas by wrapping an old pizza box in white paper and glue them on. These are so cute and a great way to spend a rainy Sunday. 


How cute are these spheres? Add some decoupage glue to a balloon and make your own!


Or what about cutting some nice shapes out of thick paper? Trace around a cake cutter to make them all the same shape, or if you have a steady hand, just go for it. Pin them to the wall, and oh'lala!

Photo-wall gone crazy, but it looks amazing! Might want to do a light or just go all in! Pictures looks amazing either way. 

Add some pic's or letters to a clothing line and make this awesome photo display. Don't like the pic anymore, well no worries it's super easy to switch them up.

If your room doesn't look great by now, don't blame me! :) 


  1. Fabulous, i´ll be back soon.


  2. amazing diy inspiration!


  3. love this!!!
    thnx so much for stopping by & leaving me a comment:))

  4. such great ideas! I love the idea of framing scrapbook paper and wrapping paper!

  5. Yeah, it really makes a huge impact on a room when you hang some beauty on the walls :)

    love K

  6. I love these ideas! I've been thinking lately what I could do to my walls, so this is perfect. I cant wait to go and try some out.


  7. oh the butterflies look great! thanks for sharing!

  8. Empty pizza boxes! How amazingly clever. I love it. It looks just like a deep edge canvas. :)
    I just love cheap wall decorations. I have tons of inspiration on my wall that I replace every now and then, and I hang them on those trouser hangers (you know?), because they do no damage on the pictures. Awesome!


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