Feb 25, 2012

DIY White & Stud ArmCandy

Today is another ArmCandy day, for those of you who havent been following, we are working on getting a great stacked wrist for spring (Some related posts:here , here and here ). 
Spring is indeed in the air in Norway, today we have bright sun and a nice 0C degrees (woopi). 
As far as Im concerned spring could not come any sooner. 

This bracelet has grown to be one of my very fav once. 
Reasoning: it looks great stacked but also rocks my world when I wear it alone. 

It was also the first time I used a "dumbbell" shape bead, i mean they look so weird in the store right?!
After using them though, I am secretly having a massive crush! 
They add great texture and I will def be looking for more of the same kind.

You will also be using a stretchy string which is the first time I am featuring here at the blog. 
They make your bracelets slide on and of easy and better yet no need for a lock!

Oh and if you have some extra energy, wish me luck! I am doing my first BodyFlow 
(called BodyBalance in Europe) class (as a trainer) at my gym, so lets all (pretty please) cross our fingers I dont accidentally trip or make anyone cry (who knows?!) :) :) 

Hope you all have a great weekend! I will be working on DIY goodies to be shared next week! Yay!


  1. What pretty arm candy! Good luck at your class today!

  2. I loveeee the studded part, how clever!

    X Lisanne

  3. Again, great DYI! Don't worry K you will be fine :D
    Best of luck!!

  4. Chi instaura una moda. So much pretty, love it

  5. Great post! I had no idea how to use those kind of beads. I'm sure that you will be wonderful at your class!

  6. what a beautiful bracelet!
    xxx Anita



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