Apr 29, 2012

Another Sister Sunday

Hi Everyone! Today A is back to teach us the tricks of the trade with cupcake decoration! I cant wait to get my hands on some of these corn on the cob lookalikes! Perfection of a bbq theme party (or just when you feel like something sweet) Since the sun is still gracing us with its presence, this will for me kick of the bbq season!
love K

Well, here in Bergen – the rainy city- the sun has finally graced us with its presence! And with sun, comes all the fun things to do in it. It seems as though everyone here is making the most out of the sunny weather- going hiking or barbecuing with friends on little spots of dry grass with disposable mini barbecues! And it just so happens that Barbecuing sort of kinda is the theme of today’s post-
 Corn on the cob cupcakes.

You will need:
Corn on the cob holders
3 cupcakes for each “cob”
Yellow Frosting
Jelly Beans (I used Jelly Belly´s in different yellow and white shades; lemon, pineapple, vanilla, toasted Marshmallow, banana, piña colada) approx. 27-30 for each cupcake
Starburst candies

1.     Start by frosting one cupcake
2.     Frost the second cupcake and place it next to the first
3.     Make a “bridge” with frosting connecting the cupcakes
4.     Frost the third, and connect it to the others
5.     Start by randomly placing the jelly belly´s on the cupcakes, I really liked the banana flavored one, because it had these brown spots, which kind of made the corn look like it was burned on the barbeque
6.     When you have placed all the jelly belly’s on the corn, put the stardust candy in the micro for a couple seconds, and shape it like melted butter and place it on the corn
7.      Stick in the cob forks
8.      A volia – “dinner” is served

It is so easy, and looks so much like real corn on the cob, don’t you think!?
And great for a barbecue dinner!

Hope you liked them!


  1. Hummm...! Cela me paraît succulent...
    jaune comme un rayon de soleil que je vous souhaite en ce jour.
    Gros biosus

  2. This is hilarious! I thought it was a real corn on the cob!! You're amazing!

    Visit me at

  3. HOW CUTE!! Great idea for a summer BBQ!

  4. Oh my gosh, that is AMAZING.

  5. Serr!!! Syykt kreativt! Veldig imponerende.

  6. No I don't like them.. I love them, they look delicious, I try then or better I try to try them..

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  8. That looks so cool! I thought the first picture at a glimpse was an actual corn haha <3 amazing

    Love Ana,

  9. haha this is so cool but so weird at the same time.

  10. so cute they look great! thanks for sharing
    xoxo m.

  11. waow.. cooool!! never thought that is a cup cake.. waow.. awesome


  12. Oh wow! This is genius!! I'm so gonna try that!


  13. Adorable! I'm craving cupcakes and corn on the cob now. :-)

  14. Oooh, it looks so sweet. And it must taste sweet xD

  15. OMG this has to be the cutest/most creative/realistic cupcake I've seen in a while!! I love it & your blog :)

  16. This is such a cute cupcake idea! I'm totally doing this for a friend :o)

    - Nita

  17. Whoa! I got a sugar rush just from looking at the photo! Thanks for stopping by and commenting,


  18. woah, this is really cute. I thought it's a cob of corn at first glance. Well done!


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