Apr 18, 2012

Coachella Celeb Style

The Coachella festival basically set the standard for summer festival looks for the young and hip.
This year will prob be no different. Here are a few of my fav looks from the festival.  As always boho is a must, I mean its festival season after all.
Check out Rihanna's shorts! Pretty rocking, and so easy to DIY!!! Some studs and an old pair of jeans and you are on your way! Loving Kate's tigerT (do you know where she got it??) and Vansessa's feather head pice!! We will def be seeing way more of this as the music festival season rolls out!

photocredit: 1, 234,


  1. sv; Jaa, den er SÅ bra (:
    .. Aah, sommer ..

    - L

  2. chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it! :))

  3. Love these looks! Such a fun post!

  4. I'm in love with Lauren Conrad's sunglasses!

  5. Cool pictures! I had tix for coachella... and ended up not being able to go :( Hopefully next year!!

  6. I really loved what Lauren Conrad was wearing, but as a California girl, she obviously has that style down.

  7. amzinnngggg!!!! great photos I LIKE IT!!!! ;O)))) i found your blog, i follow you, i hope you follow me back (if you like me blog) big kisses from germany ;****

  8. Kates t-shirt is from Mulberrys fall collection i think :) Also check out "HM fashion for Aids" if u liked the feather headband :)
    Klem din A

  9. I love the festival trend and I wanna be at Coachella so bad!!


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