Apr 13, 2012

Friday SneakPeak and Etsy obsession

I tend to get sick after exciting vacations. Anything more than just relaxing by the beach and I'm out cold. (seriously!) No need to say, after a hectic longweekend in Paris, this week has been hell! I will spare you the details, but a key color has been green (as in snot green)! Luckily the weekend is here and my mum is whisking me away to a SPA down south for a "recovery" weekend.
I know..... a vaca to get over my vaca! But this time it is def needed.

I am normally more of a tiffany silver bead, pearl or pyramid stud kind of girl. But after breaking a freshwater pearl bracelet two weekends ago. I made these once (ill show you how next week).
Still classy with just the right amount of bling. Love them?
I am sure you are all as obsessed with Etsy as me. Well, I had never really ordered anything (although countless hours have been spent browsing) but when I saw this gold monogram necklace I knew I needed to get it! Just got it in the mail yesterday and have been wearing it ever since. So quick and easy and amazingly personalized.
The diamond "love" necklace is one of my very fav's, my Boy friend gave me last year and the two go together perfectly, yay!!! (I am sure you can find something similar of etsy as well) 

Wish you all an amazing weekend. 


  1. perfect earrings!


  2. I wish I get one of each but if I get double I´ll sent you with pleasure :D

    1. haha, thanks :) im excited to hear what you get :) hope you have a great celebration!

      love K

  3. i love them!!
    Thanks for stopping by me and commenting,
    i'm following you for sure, your blog rocks ;)


  4. great inspiration! love the first pic!
    thanks for sharing!

    if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)
    let me know!

  5. Those are very pretty! I like your other two necklaces too!

  6. Oh I just love Etsy, and those earrings are just darling!

  7. those earrings are so cute! And I agree - I'm usuallly a pearl stud kind of girl! I really need to branch out :D


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