May 3, 2012

DIY Pearl Charm Bracelet

My sister is finally home and it was a happy reunion. 
We have a full girls night planned (aka. 2 Mac's, Nat geo on the TV and Nacho dip!!!)

I have really fallen back in love with seed beads! They make the cutest little bracelets and they are so great to stack.  Today we are making cute little once with a fresh water charm left from this DIY.
Fresh water pearls are really cool, their uneven texture and chape just gives them a more corky look, that I love. 

Wearing: DIY bracelet here, seed bead bracelet without charm, two seed bead bracelet with pearl charm... ohh and lets not forget my new J.Crew purple Blythe blouse. 

This DIY is sort of the base for a cool seed bead bracelet, you can do so many different combos with colors and charms. 
I have divided it in to 3 different tutorials (one to come tomorrow), just cause they can all be combined in many different ways.

For the base you will need, seed beads, the string I am using for the actual bracelet is sort of a fishline with a fabric-ish cover?? does anyone know that that is called in english?  
For the charm a head pin, round nosed pliers and some sort of bead, pearl or crystal. 

This is the base for the seed bead bracelet. 
I chose to add some fresh water pearl charms, this is how you make them yourself:

I mean it is super easy to just tie them to your wrist, but I like to make adjustable locks with just scraps of cotton string, ill show you how to do that tomorrow.


  1. Looks soo nice :)

  2. Looks so nice :)

  3. I love it!! looks so chic, and seems easy! I'll try it!
    Enjoy your time!!

    xoxo from München
    La Vie Quotidienne

  4. It's so simple and cute! I love it.

  5. love it!! im gonna try it soon and will let you know how it went!


  6. Very pretty! Have fun with your sister, sisters are the best! :)
    Erin @ Thanks, I Made It

  7. I love your blog !

    wanna check my new post?

  8. This is adorable!!! My Mother is sort of a hippie type & she will LOVE these for Moms Day! Ya know the saying, "You may be getting older but you'll never grow up"? This IS my Mom! Very hip for her 72 yrs. Short burgandy hair w/ a gray shock in the front, bell botton jeans, nose ring! Yep, she will love these bracelets! Thank you so much for the tute!!!!! Chelle -

  9. Love this bracelet! Great DIY!

    Bad Joan

  10. So cute K!!!


  11. Easy & Awesome..thanks girl for sharing the how to :)
    Love ~

  12. many peoples like charm bracelet because thry are cools.

  13. This post is great. I will definitely have a go at making my own. I love customised jewellery, simple and elegant.

    Astley Clarke

  14. I would really like to know what the stringing material is that you described. I like how stiff it is and that it can be used with sead beads. Who is the maufacturer, and the name on the labeling. I want to try and find it.

    I love your site
    Thank You


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