May 7, 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Effects

This weekend was spent prepping my life for spring and summer. Washing all the winter clothes and packing it up, and doing the same with boots and winter shoes. I love to do it properly, it just makes it do much more enjoyable to repeat the process again in the winter. And also keeps your things so much nicer for longer.

When im stressed I pick my nails, and now they are frayed to the point of no turning back. So for them to turn back to their pretty little self, I opted for the Sally Hansen Salone effects that I got from Ulta last time I was in the US. I love how simple they are to apply, and they totally give you that salon look for 2 weekes (and even better, they prevent me from picking). Check out all the different patterns here.

In my head orange and purple sounds horrible, but I tend to love it lately. What do you think?


  1. Wow, those look great! And I love the coral & purple together. I need to put these on my daughter - she bites her nails already and she's only 4 years old!!

  2. Bravo ! Mes ongles sont horribles!!! Il est très difficile d'avoir de beaux ongles en peignant... Les produits vous les détruisent.
    Gros bisous

  3. I love these colours!! Specially coral.


  4. I haven't tried them! But I love the patterns since I have no idea how to do it my self! I want to buy a few! :D
    cute combo, I like that it's two bright colors :D

  5. Love this colour and the combo ;)

    xoxo from München
    La Vie Quotidienne

  6. wow I haven't used them yet but it seems to me like this new product is great! fo sure I'm going to try using them now!!

    check out my blog? :)

  7. Looks Lovely!!!! I just bought this color on Sunday!!! Great minds..............
    Chelle -

  8. I love those strips, but they are difficult to take off ! It involves a lot or rubbing ! But it's the perfect fix when we don't have time for the drying part of regular polish !

    Love the colors, orange and purple is pretty !

  9. Very adorable, and a great alternative to nail wrecking Shellac.

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  10. Love purple and orange together! It kind of reminds me of Daphne from Scooby Doo....

  11. Love it! Orange and purple are great together but you have to love orange. a lot of people don' take's a bold personality to pull it off :)

  12. WOW, loving the color combo! Do you recall the name of the bright orange strips?? I haven't been able to find that color in stores, but may have more luck online. :) thanks!


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