Jun 30, 2012

Saturday in the Rain

Today I woke up tweeting! Actually thats a lie, but I am so stoked about my new twitter account that I just cant stop saying words like: tweeting, a tweet, twittering! Boow, here I am in the 21st century. It will be so much easier to stay in touch with you guys as well, like instant messaging, but cooler! So feel free to ask me questions or just a random hi! OHHH, or even better, tweet me pictures of your newest DIY's (yep its true, you can tweet your Instagrams! Its like social media overload).

My brother took my camera up to the cottage this weekend, and there goes the pictures for todays tutorial so we will save it for next week so stay tuned. In the mean time, here is one of my best tips for jewelry making. CLIPBOARDS! You know one of the most annoying things when making jewelry is not having enough arms.. There just aren't enough to hold the ends while working and thats where the clipboard comes in. You can fasten the ends you have tied to the clip board (where you would normally attach the paper) and then if you need more support use pins to pin the thread (ect) to the board.! Works like a charm! Its especially great for bracelets like these.

Why not add some bling to your plaine usedtouseincollege one to get in the right mood?

Have a great weekend! I am resting up for a stressful first day back at work monday, puh!


  1. I used to use clipboards for making friendship bracelets all the time! :) And that clipboard you posted is SO cute, I'll have to check out the source for more!


  2. Um...that bling-ed out clipboard is so fabulous, I wish I would have thought of it myself. :)

  3. Welcome to the fast paced world of Twitter!

  4. Welcome to the fast paced world of Twitter.

  5. I can just see my students volunteering to take attendance or check permission slips on a class list on this baby! Beautiful!


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