Jun 24, 2012

Sister Sunday

Hi everyone! 
A has been busy finishing her masters degree (and just got an A on her thesis!!!!! she is a smart one!!), congratulations love! You are the best! She is back here to show you how to make a pair of Rihanna inspires shorts! 
Have fun checking it out, I know ill make a pair! 
Love K

I LOVE wearing jean shorts, especially high waisted ones. I love them so much I ended up having two pairs that were really similar (opsi) so I thought I do a little DIY transformation on one of them- Rihanna inspired. 

What you need:
Spikes, I used approx 50 3/8” spikes on mine
A sharp object (I used a pair of scissors)
And a pair of shorts, or a pair of old jeans that you cut into shorts (another DIY project?)

This is so easy it hardly needs instructions. But what you do is make a small hole with the scissor where you want your spike to be placed on the shorts. As you can se from the picture of the spikes, the spikes are divided into two bits, one screw and one spike. Simply place the little screw in the hole you just made, and screw on the spike!
So easy!
Repeat the process for however many spikes you want on your shorts!

If you put your shorts in the washing machine make sure you use a washing bag as the spikes can fall of. Always have some spare spikes at hand, in case you loose one or two of them.

Good luck!


Thank you so much for taking the time to leave some L.O.V.E. !
You guy's Rock!