Sep 22, 2012

Chan Luu inspired Version#2

I dont know about you, but I had to scrape the Ice of my car window yesterday before driving to work... Actually!!! Puh, the start of a new season.... a very COLD one! I am literally always cold, so for me winter means spending a lot more time inside. Not that thats a bad thing; crafting, apple cider, fireplaces and relaxing times with friends.
Hows the weather were your at? If you feel like some inside crafting time (and who doesnt??) check this out.

The first Chan Luu inspired tutorial I made got really popular on Pintrest  (thanks guys :) ) so now I have decided to make one more, hope you love it. (the first one)

You will need 30 inches of cotton thread (I am using brown), fishing or beading line abt 40 inches, (this is for a bracelet that will wrap 31times around my wrist (which is small)), one button, beads and as always scissors.  

1. Tie the button to the end of the fish line.

2. Tie the button to the center of the cotton string.

Ok, I will admit the start is a bit tricky. Add a bead to the fishing line, take the fishing line around the cotton string, then back through the bead. Tighten the string. 

3. As you can see on this picture the line is just coming out from a bead, and OVER the cotton string (lets call this, the right cotton string nr 1)

4. Take the line around string nr 1, and trough an other bead and UNDER string nr 2. Tighten the line. 

5. Take the line around string nr 2 and back trough the same bead and tighten. 

6. Keep repeating the steps 3. 4. and 5. until you have your desired length. 

7. When you are done: make a knot (remember to include the fish line), then make an other knot but make sure there are enough space in between the two so that you can get the button in to lock the bracelet. 

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