Sep 16, 2012

DIY CupCake Wrappers

Today Annette is with us to share this great CupCake post for sister sunday :) 

Now a day we seem to dress everything: dogs, iphones and even trees!!! (The trees are dressed in knits as a part of a Sandvika city celebration in Norway) If you can dress trees, why not dress your cupcake!

Today I am going to show you how to do just that in an easy and cheap way.

This is what you will need:
Paper doily (maybe you or your mother/grandmother have some ones lying around) The round once work best!

If your doily is squared like mine (couldn't find a round one unfortunately), cut out 6 inches of the doily. You will then need to cut your doily like pic 1 since the cupcakes are round. If your doily is circled, simply cut of the lace part of the doily and your wrapper is ready!!

Put some glue or a piece of tape at the end of the wrapper, and wrap it around your cupcake! 
Pretty and easy!

Happy Sunday! 


  1. I have never thought of that before. Such a great idea! Thanks!


  2. Wow it see delicious!!

  3. Replies
    1. I know right?? makes them look pro so fast and easy :)

      love K

  4. My Goodness! I haven't seen such a beautiful and delicious cake before now! I appreciate the Art work that has been mixed with cooking skills! I love to see it! I wish I could taste it! I saw same cake on Yacht Rental Dubai when it was served to me by the Service provider. :) Nice Blog! Nice Work! Keep it up!


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