Sep 27, 2012

Tata Norway, Chicago here I come

Today is a day where I am actually overly excited to get up at 05.45 (and trust me that isnt something that happens everyday)
I am leaving cold and rainy Oslo via Stockholm to see my family in Chicago! Family time that also includes Target, Trader Joe's, Michaels and vast amounts of Starbucks and greasy foods! YES OH YES! I am blessed with an amazing family and visiting my Aunt&Co in Chicago is one of my favorite places to go! My parents and brother are coming over next week. Then a trip to Houghton to visit lil'sis, before we go back and my other brother that works in Seattle, joins us in Chicago. We are only missing my lil'brother that is in the Army and couldn't join us (I know, there are 5 of us :)). I am sure it will be as eventful as ever, all of us meeting is sort of like a version of My big fat greek wedding, so I might need a vaca after my vaca! haha :) Anyway, dont stay away cause there are post lined up even thought I am spending all my time shopping and eating and at times shopping while eating and also eating while shopping! Stories to come!

By the way, check out my cousins version of my favorite song by Jason Mraz.  


  1. Je suis très heureuse pour vous... revoir votre famille doit vous rendre heureuse et joyeuse...
    je vous souhaite plein de bonnes choses.
    gros bisous et bon voyage.

  2. Replies
    1. It was so much fun!!! So nice to spend some time with family!

      love K


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