Oct 31, 2012

Inspiration: Agate

So I need to start this post my wishing one of my very best friends HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I will not start treating this blog as my personal birthday card, (I hear a relieved sigh from all the readers, haha). But since I wont (buuu) be able to give this amazing girl a B'day hug any time soon (she lives in Toronto) I feel like I need to share a big virtual B'day hug!! Jen, you are amazing and I miss you every day! 

kkkkkk, so Im done being sentimental (but not really, cause I miss her so much and we should be sharing birthday ice cream right now) But.... if you havent been living under a rock (pun intended) you will probably have seen a lot of Agate everywhere this summer. Jewelry, homedecor even fridge magnes have all been adorn with this sparkly and colorful stone. 
Well, I was thinking of not using it... but who am I kidding? bright pink, sparkly, can be used for jewelry? hold your breath (or actually dont.. I might be sued..) tomorrows project is inspired by this gemstone! 

Agate Jewelry:



Agate in home decor:


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  1. Don't you just love agate! Such a pretty trend I'm loving right now :)

    Live Inspired,
    Heidi Chamoun


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