Oct 17, 2012

The New Yorkie; Trench Inspiration

So last week I posted about wanting to make a studded trench. One of the awesome Mi&Fi readers commented that they had made one on their blog. I went to check it out and man am I glad I did! The trench that the girls over at The New Yorkie made, is flippin awesome! So if you want some more inspiration for your trench project, check it out here.


How cool is that??


  1. What a great DIY. Definitely going to check it out. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow, that is pretty amazing! I might have to start DIY'ing/studding everything! I hope this trend doesn't end anytime soon!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I can do this on a thrifted coat!

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  4. Great inpiration! I would love to get something like this trench. Thanks for New Yorkies!


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