Nov 4, 2012

SeaSalt Caramel Brownies

WOHO; virtual Birthday Cake!! Did I promise this week not to make this blog a birth day card?? Weeeell,  I might have to take that back! November and December seem to hold some of my dearest friends Birthdays. And the people I cannot hug in person I just NEED to smother in love in the virtual atmosphere.

SO this is a virtual Birthday cake to celebrate Ornella! wishing you the best day Love! 
This cake actually might rock as much as she does.... Well, that was a Big exaggeration... but the cake is pretty darn awesome!  

Its a dark chocolate brownie with salted caramel filling sprinkled with sea salt? 
Doesnt that just give you water in your mouth? (if not you are immune to temptation and you need to call me up and tell me the secret!!) Its a few steps to make, but trust me when I say tht its worth it!

I found this amazing receipt at Annie's Eats so pop on over to check it out. 

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  1. trying this recipe asap! looks beyond delicious!

  2. OHMY! This looks amazing!! I'm definitely going to try this recipe! It'll be worth EVERY calorie!

  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH MY LOVE!!! The cake looks amazing, wish I could have had it for my birthday :)
    You truly are one of my dearest friends! Thanks for taking the time to do this and dedicate me the blog today!

    LOVE YOU and miss you like crazy xoxox

    1. Miss you too love!!! wish i was able to be there to celebrate!!

      love K

  4. these look delicious! I need to make these ASAP

  5. God that looks so yum and I'm so hungry right now!
    xx Tanya

  6. Salt, caramel and dark chocolate. What an amazing combination of ingredients. Well done you and thank you for sharing.

    I will have to add this to my favorite brownie recipes. One in particular I find extra good is my Raspberry Brownie recipe. Not sure why but the raspberries just seem to give chocolate a deeper flavoring or add a whole new dimension to chocolate itself.

    Quite possibly why I love chocolate so much i.e. it is so versatile.

    Thanks again Katrine

  7. Replies
    1. hahaha, Me to Rose!! trust me its delish!!

      love k


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