Jan 7, 2013

Happy New Year (a tad on the late side)

Hi all you fabulous people!! OMG, a New Year, so exciting no?

I have given my self a long Birthday (yep, it was my bday over Christmas, Christmas and NewYear holiday from the blog this year! After struggling with a cold for almost two months I just really needed some time off from everything!
But Im back, woop woop, stronger than ever (crossing my finger that this is actually true.. but doubting it, lol! My immune system and I are not close friends!)

So, heres to 2013!! Hope its a blessed and healthy one for all of you (and me, haha), I have a feeling it will rock!! :)



  1. Happy New year! Hope you have a good week:)

  2. Solbærtoddy anyone? Happy new year Katrine, see you soon.

    1. YAY, solbærtoddy!!! I want!! :) kommer innom en dag snart! savn!! <3


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