Dec 11, 2011

DIY Cool Christmas Centerpiece

This weekend I went to a B'day lunch at my good friends house! 
I was impressed by the centerpiece, it looked stunning, trendy, and appropriately Holliday spirited! And the best part; Oh so easy to make!  

You will need:
Pine tree branches. I guess you coud buy these (like my friend), but if you have time I suggest just snip some of a near by tree.
Orchids, the color of your choice.
Then to the fun part: bedazzle. The amount and kind depends on the occasion, but her crystal diamonds and silver stars were Perfection! Go to your local Michael's or even better; Dollar Store and check out their Bling!
The light holders are from Ikea, light the candles and voilà wait for the guests to arrive. 

(diamanter Nille 40Kr, stjerner panduro hobby, lysholder Ikea, orkideer og granbar lokal blomster forretning) 

I am sure you can vary this in every possible way! 
Made a nice one? Send us a pic and let us know how it goes!


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