Dec 29, 2011

DIY New Year Hair

It’s time for the annual New Year’s prep! The most hyped party day of the year, and I want to look stunning!
First off: I am not good with doing hair what so ever: I don’t like it, I don’t do it!  
I have long, thick curly/frizzy/sometimes even straight hair, hence ponytails and messy buns are my everyday uniform.
For this special day, however, I want to do the real deal with a fancy do! (Luckily New Year’s is a Saturday so I have a full day to correct it, if I mess it up!) 

Here are some of the tutorials I found online, (No, I will not make one myself seeing as it is not my forte!)

STEP ONE: Blow Dry
(pre-one is buying a blow dryer)

Choose a hairdo, here are a few on my short list. (the link under each pic leads to the tutorial)

To find out what style suits your face (I didn't even know there was such a thing??) click HERE

Add some DIY bling with a hair band tutorial here.

Now the problem is.... what to choose?! 

What are you doing for New Years? And more importantly what are your Wearing, Hairing, and Make Up plans?


  1. I wish I had seen this pre-NYE so I could have used one of these! They're all gorgeous. (Of course after drying my hair I never have the energy for anything else!) Which one did you end up using?


  2. Hahaha, i feel your pain!!! Im the same, but this New Years I for once in my life had great hair (actually!) I ended up doing a mix between the one from "a cup of jo" and one from Martha Stewart wedding prep (not even joking!) (the one called The Side Chignon) and it was so easy!! dont skimp on the bobby pins though, cause mine fell down around 1 am so i had to do some emergency prep work! :)

    love K

    love K

  3. I love these looks. I need to grow mine out just a bit longer so I can try them!

  4. Depending on your length, you should try this one: its a great style for shorter hair! :)

    let me know how it goes!

    love K


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