Jan 15, 2012

DIY iPad cover

I was a very lucky girl this Christmas, I think Santa knows me better than I do. Some of the presents I didn’t even know I wanted until I got them and now I’m addicted. One of those was my brand new, crisp white Ipad2, Aww blessed creation! I am something as unconventional as an un-technological tech freak. I LOVE all the new gadgets, but I am really too impatient to learn them properly or take full advantage of their capabilities. The iPad though is totally intuitive and so cool looking, and even better: you can accessorize it! How perfect?!

There are so many cool cases out there, but for now I decided to make my own!

You need an object you want to make a case for (in my case Ipad, duh), different colored duck tape, drawer liners in plastic, and spray paint if you want to make a logo or pattern on it after. 
You will also need a utility knife to cut the tape, scissors doesn't work as well.  

Instructions after the jump...

First, measure the drawer liner so you have a bit room on either end. The cover can't be too tight, then you will struggle getting your item in and out. 

Cover the ends and center with the color of your choice. You don't want anyone to see the gray when your item is in your cover, so try to fold the tape over covering as much as possible of the "inside". When you choose that side of the drawer liner should be the inside, choose then least sticky one. The one that's supposed to be down towards the drawer is often sticky and you don't want that on the inside, it would make it very hard for you to get your gadget out. 

Tape it together with clear tape, making sure that gadget can slide in and out with no effort. 

Then you start the fun part, wrapping duck tape around making your pattern. I made sure all my tape pieces ended at the same place in the back making it a nice clean line. 

And there you go, your HOT new cover, and guess what? It's totally water repellent! If you want to make a pattern use painters tape or stencils and spray paint.

Let me know how it goes!!


  1. WOW! I've seen all your DIY in your blog! And I love them, you've given me some nice ideas :)
    Thank you for your comment and invitation to Pinterest, but I've already received the invitation from the website :)
    Oh! I'm following you :)
    Keep this blog going!!! :D


  2. Hi Ivette!
    Thank you so much, i look forward to seeing your take on them :)
    Thats great! have a lovely sunday!

    love K

  3. Isn't it amazing all the cute colors and patterns duct tape comes in now?

  4. This looks absolutely amazing! So easy and stylish! You are so talented :) I´ve just discovered your lovely blog and I love it! I´m happy to be your new follower :)

    xx Ivana

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    Stop by sometimes :)
    Macarons and Pearls

  5. HauteMessinHollywood, I know right? they are amazing!! iv been using it for so much stuff lately!

    thanks matter of style :)

    Ivana, Thank you so much for your lovely comment!! YAAAY, i love you for it!! gooooo follower! And i am totally entering in your event! I will for sure!!

    love K

  6. Woa! that Is so clever, I remember in high school shop class we got to make duct tape wallets, you just took it to a whole new level!

  7. haha, thanks hun! give it a try and let me know how it goes!

    love K

  8. I got a kindle for Christmas and need a cover so bad..this is so cute and looks pretty easy to make! I'll send u a picture when I make it'

    1. Thats great!!!! Its super easy and so fun!!! looking forward to see your result!! <3

      love K

  9. Das Cover ist total schön geworden. Was für eine großartige Idee von dir.


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