Jan 12, 2012

Make it & fake it, Aurelie Bidermann

This is a little sneak peak on my weekend project. The other day, I saw this bracelet in a magazine and fell instantly in love. It's made by the very talented jewelry designer Aurelie Bidermann. 
What an amazing DIY idea!?! Bracelet, necklace, gold, silver, different colored threads? It just screams DIY! And you can customize it for your outfit or the occasion. 

Get your supplies ready and DIY this with me this weekend. I'll be using; chain (or what about updating an old chain bracelet?), embroidery yarn and the best part of all, a paperclip as a lock.
I'm doing mine with black and metallic sliver yarn, can't wait!!! 

And how Purrrfect for a DIY is this Lock? A paper clip! Genius, I will for sure us this in several coming DIY projects. 


  1. Oooh! I love these bracelets, will look out for your DIY :)


  2. Thank you Tara! It will be out this week! stay tunes :)

    love K

  3. hey! i really love this bracelet! have you made it already?
    xoxo, clara

    1. HI Clara,

      Yes i did make a version of it! You can find it here: http://www.makeitandfakeit.com/2012/02/diy-aurelie-bidermann.html

      love k

  4. You are right, it does scream DIY lol. Great post.


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