Jan 11, 2012

DIY Perfect Nude and Rocking update

I have for the longest time been looking for «the perfect nude» polish, and I seem to finally have found it. My problem has always been that they are not opaque enough. So they get cloudy and uneven once applied (I know, not a world problem). But like I said, I have found the solution to my issue, FACE Stockholm for J.Crew in "unclear". It is as previously stated the perfect nude! It goes on evenly, and is perfectly opaque after three coats, and even better, it dries FAST. Quick tip; 2 min after applying nail polish hold your hands under a tap with cold water, not very comfortable but totally does the trick in terms of drying time.

Jeg har funnet den perfekte beige neglelakk så jeg tenkte jeg skulle dele den med dere. FACE Stockholm og J.Crew har laget en serie med neglelakker, ett samarbeid som er dømt til å bli fantastisk.

FACE Stockholm for J.Crew in unclear and top ten.

Mid-week the polish was still hanging on perfectly so I decided to brighten my week and add some neon, in a totally office appropriate way.
I used my Konad kit, explained here and here, and made this zig zag pattern in FACE by j.crew
 "top ten". I found it was an awesome way to update my nails with minimal effort. 
Weekend, here I come!

Vi har kommet halvveis i uken og jeg trengte en liten oppdatering. Lakken sitter fortsatt som støpt så da blir det neon mønstre på ringfingeren. Fresht og helt perfekt selv om det ikke er helg helt enda. Mønsteret laget jeg med Konad, hvis du ikke har brukt det før finner du forklaring her og her

Have fun with it!


  1. hey! i love those nails of yours, gorgeous!!
    xx, k
    p.s. thanks for stopping by!!

  2. Thanks hun!! Try it and let me know how it goes!

    love k

  3. Do you know the # of these colours off the website? I would love to try this, but I'm having some trouble finding it on the FACE website. If you could add the # for each colour, that would be awesome.


    1. Hi,

      these are actually bought at J.Crew, they are from the FACE for J.crew collection, I dont really know if its a part of their normal line, but they are called: unclear and top ten.
      I love both the colors so I hope you find them :)

      love K


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