Feb 18, 2012

Arm Candy

Do you guys remember my obsession with the Arm Candy on this picture?
Well, as promised ill be posting tutorials as to how you can make your very own stack.

Check out my wrists ladies! 

Left side: 1 here, rest coming soon.
Right side: All to come.

So stay tuned everyone. 

On a completely different note, music boost my mood like nothing else!
For me a great playlist is like a pot of coffe (with no hand shivering, heart racing side effects) 
I spent the last weekend on a cottage with great friends, and this is a part of the road trip Play List (actually it is the playlist, but admitting that we mostly had it on repeat for about 4 hours straight is just too crazy even for me) 
Seeing as its the weekend, I thought id share it with all of you.

Not completely PG-13, but it rocks my world these days, hope it gives you the same energy.


  1. nice
    i really like bracelets, the more the merrier and the bigger the better ;)
    hope you have a good weekend

  2. wow love your blog, am scrolling down now to find ideas for (easy) diy!
    thanks for dropping by too.

  3. I love mixing and matching different styles! Hope you have a lovely weekend:)

  4. Love the arm candies! awesome!


  5. thanks for the song list, i'm going to download them now! x

  6. Love the arm candy :) and GREAT playlist~

  7. love the color of your top:D thanks for the song list anyway!


  8. Love the arm candy! Can't wait to see the DIY

  9. I love stacked bracelets. I've been looking for good bracelet tutorials, thanks for posting this, I'm definitely going to try it out. I'm now following. Have a great weekend.

  10. @ Vatinam +
    Wish you a good day and full of joy...

  11. Hey! Good to hear spring is coming to Norway, the weather has been getting better here too, but you can never trust English weather, I'm sure it will be bad again soon.. Looking forward to seeing your tutorials on the arm parties, and thanks for sharing those songs, I always love finding new ones!


  12. Love the playlist!!!! definetely music does change my day too!

  13. Girl your hair is just gorgeous and love your arm candy - I need some arm candy one of these days!

    1. Thank you so much!! what a great compliment :) Arm candy rocks!!! make some and let us know how it goes ;)

      love K


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