Mar 10, 2012

Chic Steals Guest post

Hi All you amazing readers, 
Today im a guest over at Carly's amazing blog Chic Steals 
(If you havent already, this is definitely a DIY blog you need to add to your bookmark bars :) !!), 
come on over and check it out!

{Sneak peak}


  1. Hi~ I awarded you with a blog award ^___^ You can check it out here:
    Versatile Blogger Award

    1. Thats amazing! thank you so much!!! I'm so excited to go and check it out!

      love K

  2. These are cute!

  3. great bracelet!I just discovered your blog! and I must say that I really like!
    I love your style, compliment is very special and inspirational! if you go look at my blog there is also a Jeffrey Campbell Giveaway :

  4. Hi.. Love your blog... Btw where did you get your watch from?

  5. thanks beb!! Actually its a Thomas Sabo watch, they are really amazing! We gave it to one of my best friends for her Bday but I got to shoot it first :)

    love K


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