Mar 9, 2012

DIY Update Your Dress

I love my Michael Kors dress (pic below) I really really do, but I must say that the biggest reason is the amazing chain details. So here is a quick one to show you how to make it yourself.

To update your plain old everyday dress to something glam, all you need is some metal chain,
 2 cool buttons, and a needle and thread (my fav part as always; it's sooo easy to remove if you get sick of it!!) and 5 min.

Measure the chain and sow it on.. I like the look of the three strands on this H&M dress, stitch on the button to hide the sowing and tata, you are ready to conquer the world in a brand new dress!


  1. Very pretty idea! Love it!
    You're so creative!

    The Urban Umbrella

  2. Lovely idea! Thanks for sharing it!
    Erin @ Thanks, I Made It

  3. Very lovely idea. Would have to find somewhere with nice and chunky chain I think.

  4. GREAT idea!

  5. wow this is such a great idea!!! i have plenty of chain laying around for this project...can't wait to try it


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