Mar 5, 2012

J.Crew Obsession part 2

Monday is here and ( and as always) I didnt complete my weekend schedule... Its a reccuring trend!
 I feel like someone need to amp it up from 24h to 30h per day or something! agree??
Anyway, here is some inspiration so you guys can start to plan the weekends crafting :)

Happy monday lovely people!

1 Girls all over the web are doing the silk scarf blouse, what about making wide pants with thrifted silk scarf's? I must say I love the idea! And they would probably be so comfy!

2 Have a colorful scarf? Why not dip dye it to get the look of this? I saw a tutorial for dip dying with cool-aid the other day (I cant remember where, do you?), what a great idea!!

3 Distressed boyfriend jeans have been hot for ever now, but I'm still not sick of it!! Grab a pair of your BF’s or brothers and go at it with some sand paper!

4 These polka dot shorts are to die for!! Find some flat sequins and sow them on!! So easy to remove once you are sick of the trend!


  1. I love J.Crew!!

  2. denne bloggen er fantastisk! wii, følger deg på bloglovin!!

    1. Awww, tusen takk Karin! så koselig!!! :)

      love k

  3. that scarf looks so nice.. love it.

  4. J.crew is a forever obsession - I adore those trousers and polka dot shorts!

  5. I just got another J. Crew catalog the other day and I pretty much want everything in it! xoxo Marissa

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the sweet comment! I love those pants! I saw a similar pair in their window in a purple and green, and need them in my life ASAP!

  7. thanks for your last comment! omgggg i looove those printed pants, so rad. j crew is killing it this season.

    xx Niki from A Haute Mess


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