Mar 3, 2012

DIY Miansai Bracelets (unisex)

My brother was rocking these Miansai bracelets when he was home this Christmas! I want one too, maybe (quite possibly) with neon colors thread.

All you need is some cool colored cord, some clear nailpolish to seal it and a fish hook charm (please don’t use the real deal, I don’t want anyone to get hurt) I will be ordering this silver hook , and give you an update once I have it in hand and have the bracelet around my wrist.
This could be a great gift for a BF!  Depending on his sense of fashion, (or lack there of)

Weekend project? I think Yes! 
Have an amazing weekend everyone, thanks for dropping by!


  1. Awesome DIY for the guys!
    Have a fantastic weekend!

  2. I have the perfect cord! now I just need a hook, can't wait to see how yours works out

    1. Me too!!! i just got a fancy shopping bag with a neon pink cord and im totally using that :)
      Coming up soon :)

  3. The bracelets are wonderful and the fish-hook charm is absolutely brilliant!

    Jenn/Rook No. 17

  4. sweet....defin wasnt gonna buy a Miansai for $55 when they are that simple to make- fishing tackel store has thick hooks and the ends can be filed down to be smooth easy- supplycaptain online has 1000 different colors of rope for super cheap!

  5. your brother sounds awesome!!;)

  6. How do you make the knots in the cord??

  7. Anyone have a source for the fish hook charms like these?


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