Mar 24, 2012

Jewelry Organizing 101

I am an organizing freak, I wasn't always like this trust me. But as I got older I got addicted to tidiness.  My brain is always such a chaos with creative energy mixed with friends, work and family so its nice to have a clutter free environment. It just makes everything run that much more smoothly :)
Anyway, looking up on my custom jewelry shelf the other day almost gave me a hear attach!
How did it end up like this??? (actually I can tell you why: work, blog and general life got in the way)
That is all going to changed this weekend!
This is in addition to my several cosmetic cases filled with custom jewels! 
(I know I am addicted to anything sparkly! 

As you all can see, it is apparent that I need some more organizing space.
Searching Pintrest these are some of my fav DIY jewelry organizing options:

Photo credit: 1234

I know what I am doing tomorrow thats for sure! :)


  1. I love visiting this blog. I find a lot of great ideas here.

  2. im hunting for some faux antlers to hang necklaces on! there is never enough room for jewelry, even after i purged 14 pieces out of my collection! good luck! can't wait to see the finished product

    1. Aw, i love that look!!! maybe i should look for some myself!

      love k

  3. I'm trying to get motivated to clean and organize my room/clothes... It's hard to be organized since I don't have a closet. Love the picture frame (second picture)!

  4. Je comprends ce que vous ressentez... Chaque fois que je termine une toile à l'atelier, il est nécessaire pour moi de tout ranger et nettoyer...
    En plus avec l'arrivée du printemps une envie de nettoyage +++.
    gros bisous à vous

  5. wow, great ideas! i can't wait to see it.. I'm probably gonna do something similiar soon, too! :)

  6. Ooh, I love the frame for organizing earrings! That's the one thing I couldn't figure out just what to do with. I'm in the process of reorganizing my jewelry, too. =)

  7. These are all adorable!! I love the tree so much!! I have all my jewelry in boxes! :( There's absolutely no space to show case it not even a shelf!! Oh my I must get some soon!!

  8. I love organizing my jewelry too! Using it as decor in my room is essential!


  9. I love the jewellery tree - it's such a pretty idea and I've been wanting one for ages now!


  10. I have the same issues. I'm not the most organized person but I want my accessories organized. I've been thinking of a way to have them all in just one place but without clutter. Still unsuccessful with that.

    1. Make one of the organizers!!! the secret to organizing is having the right space! these DIY's make organizing FUN!!!! :)

      love K

  11. Great ideas!



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