Mar 25, 2012

Sister Sunday

My lil sis has spent the week in LasVegas, I know, unfair!!!!! I am so excited she still found the time to send us some goodies to enjoy on a sunday. 
Love K

Rainbow cake in a Jar

My dear friend Kaye was hospitalized this week after an appendix removal surgery. I wanted to play Florence Nightingale to help her heal, but due to my limited knowledge of medicine, I decided that instead of nursing, I would try to cheer her up with a cake! Having seen both cakes in jars, and rainbow cakes all over Pinterest, I decided to combine them and give both a try. 

1 stick of butter (100g)
1.5 cups sugar
2 eggs
1.5 cups flour
1 ts bakingpowder
1/2 ts vanilla extract
½ cup milk
Food colors

Cream the butter and sugar. Add eggs. Mix in the rest of the ingredients one at a time. 
This recipe would make enough for three jars. My mistake was that I tried to fit it in two. Layer the different colors in the jar and bake for ~40 min on 375 F. 
Bright colors like this would cheer up anyone. 

Hahahahahah!!! I love this part!!! at least it cleaned up perfectly! 


  1. Une nourriture tout en couleurs ... Wouhaou !!! Votre estomac en voit donc de toutes les couleurs !
    Gros bisous à vous

  2. oooh, this looks so great.. would be so fun for a kid's b'day party

    1. Agreed!!! and maybe less messy since thye would be eating them out of the jar!! (or who am i kidding, prob not! haha)

      love K

  3. Wow yum.... my sister and I need to do that sometime... seems so yummy!! And the colors help it... hahah

    Please check out my blog!


  4. That looks so good! I have a friend who is recovering from a health issue...I might have to make this for her!

  5. hahaha! I love "rainbow explosion"!
    Your post reminded me of my plan to bake a rainbow cake myself.
    Pretty nice as an easter-present or something.


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