Apr 7, 2012

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Today we are going to different antique stores to look for cool furniture! I literally cant wait to see what we come up with! Last year I bought an appartement (se below) they are still building it, but its supposed to be done after summer and I cant wait!!!
Hopefully I find something that can make it Paris chic!!!

Sneak peak!!

And you are all invited to parties (hopefully as) fabulous like this:


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    1. Thanks :) Im so excited to get started on the decor :)

      Love K

  2. so excited you are moving! Im not moving, but my roomie is and shes taking most of the furniture and cook ware with her! So now I have the opportunity to find my own stuff that I love and Im also gonna be hitting up antique stores and good will for furniture. I have my fingers crossed that you find stuff!



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