May 20, 2012

Amazing Elephants

Today I had a flipp out about an elephant, well not an elephant per'se but ivory.
And I admit, my head was a bit fried from all the fumes painting my new place, but still!
It all started on Facebook, and even thought this is really not a normal post for me, it rattled me so much I flushed from anger (Actually!!) so I thought Id share!

The issue is people bringing ivory (or anything endangered) back from vacation (wether they have been tricked to buy bone thinking it is ivory (HA, serves you right idjit!) or got the real deal is not the point). Hello people, its 2012, everyone is aware that the illegal industry of ivory and rhino horns are making these magnificente animals extinct. The mere thought that someone in 2012 (HELLO, we have tv's that talk back and magically turn 3D (which is a whole other story by the way)) would even consider buying it is shocking to me and completely caught me of guard.

Last summer I visited the David Sheldrick Wildlife foundation in Nairobi Kanya and I was blown away by the great work they do. They take care of baby elephants (and other wild life) that have been left orphan due to illegal poaching. With the help of the local tribes they take them to the nursery outside Nairobi and help them back to health, and then release them back to a wildlife reserve. They are doing such a great job, to read some of the amazing (but heart aching) stories please visit their website here (you can also adopt and foster one, which is so cute!!).

So for gods sake a souvenir is not worth it and neither is fashion so please do my poor little heart a favor and get a "xxx went to China/Africa/ect and all I got was this ugly T-shirt" instead. 

On an other note, lets face it im no saint: I wear (VINTAGE) fur, leather, un-organic cotton and dont always buy local (.... well actually I almost never buy local), so Im not claiming sainthood quite yet, but trust me when I say there is nothing endangered, illegal or evil (except the freaking moth that ate my cashmere) in my closet (or home) )


  1. Look at those cute faces!! I adore elephants!! Think their ivory is beautiful but NOT WORTH IT because it is the reason for their death! I'd love to adopt one!! haha!! Maybe I can visit Africa some day :) I like this post! Always talk about the things that you are passionate about!

    check out my blog!

  2. I have run into so many people who's thinking is "i'm just taking one" but unfortunately if everyone thought that.....well, that's how we get into these situations. Thanks for posting something you are very passionate about and so lucky for getting to visit this place!

  3. Des photos qui me plaisent beaucoup, quelle chance vous avez eu de les approcher de si près.
    Gros bisous

  4. I love when bloggers use their influence for real purposes and I appreciate the awareness you bring to this Katrine! It's important and ultimately that small piece of ivory necklace, is just not worth it!


  5. wow that's so close a photo with an elephant. interesting texture if it's that so close.


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