May 17, 2012

17th of May

Congratulations everyone! Today is Norway's constitution day and we have the whole day off!
Its a very big day here, and we celebrate with children's parades, good food, friends and family!
Im kicking it of with a big champagne breakfast with friends (nothing beats it)!

Me and one of my best friends in out national costumes (yes, we all (almost all) wear them).
They are handmade, I got mine for my confirmation (as did most of my friends). I only wear it once or twice a year, and it makes it that more special! (even thought its heavy, itchy and totally unpractical) :)

Im wishing you all a very happy 17th of May! YAY!


  1. Wow that is spectacular. I almost wish we had something like that in the UK, but hey we have a jubilee coming up so people are getting a bit more patriotic again :D

  2. Enjoy the day! Hope you have fun!

  3. Thats too neat! You should definitely post more pictures of that dress!

  4. Hope you enjoy your day off! It looks like lots of fun :)


  5. Congratulation with the Day! Norwegian national costumes are very beautiful!

  6. Hope you had a lovely day:)

  7. oh the costumes are great! Reminds me of the Ukrainian one I wear at Easter and Christmas :)


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