May 24, 2012

DIY Upgrade Your Havaianas

SO, after announcing the arrival of spring in Oslo for the last two months, we have now reached summer ('ish)!
Woho, we have had sunny weather and 25C for the last three days so I have finally packed away my cashmere and turned to T-shirts. For me Havaianas and T-shirts go hand in hand, and I can't wait to use mine (indeed after I get my pedi done..). I love the classic Havaianas, for me they are a cult fav, but an old original can always go benefit from an update right???

For this DIY you will need: Silk ribbon (preferably a bit thick (see people, my new instructions are very detailed)), 2 rhinestones/beads ect, fishing line, awl (yes this is actually a tool that people fathers have, beats me) ohh, and a nedle and scissors.

I didn't take pictures making these (I was way to excited to finish them off and hit the beach) but in the spirit of my new resolution (to provide verrrry detailed explanations of my DIY's) here we go :

1. Make two (or three depending on how many stitches you want to attach the bow with) holes on both the left and right strap with the awl (man I love that I just learned a new English word, maybe a few of you did too, haha). (this needs to be done on both of the flip-flops)

2. Make a bow with the silk ribbon. Cut the edges like a "V" (look at the picture) to prevent fraying.

3. Take the force the fishing line down the first hole and up through the other on the left havaiana strap, (you want the knot hiding in the bow, not towards your feet giving you blisters) stitch on the bow, take the line through one hole and up trough the other on the right strap and stitch on the rhinestone.
The point I guess is just to attached the bow and the rhinestone, NOT leaving knots down towards you feet since that might hurt when you wear them.

4. Repeat on the other flip-flop and you are ready to hit the beach!


  1. Cute!! I love bows :)


  2. oh this are the cutest sandals ever darling!

  3. very cute!
    thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog!
    january, x


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