May 25, 2012

Me oh My, Bright Kitchen

One thing that is really annoying me at the moment is that there is no exact conversion between RGB colors and NCS (the color standard for paint) 

I am moving down to the basement apartment of my family’s house in waiting of my own place being finished. Right now we are paining the walls all calm and neutral tones (light beige/grey-ish), but seeing as this is the last stop till an all "grown up" apartment, I intend to add some fun (aka BRIGHT) details. Once I have moved out they are redoing the kitchen there anyways, so I am thinking bright pink chevron pattern for the kitchen cabinet doors. It’s a 5 month (max) stay so I am going as bright as I can! YAY! 
My problem though, I can’t seem to find a bright pink paint? There are a million DIY's with bright pink paint online, but no one provides the NCS codes for the paint. NCS is a worldwide standard so when "rosy field" might be a different color depending on brand and continent, the NCS is the same. If you know any bright pink NCS codes let me know!! 

See the pictures that inspired me:

This painting project will be my weekend to do (even thought the sun is shining). 
I will give you a DIY once I find a paint and get it done :) You can also look forward to dip-dye foot stools, pillowcases and other Home DIY's so stay tuned. 


  1. If it's a DIY on a blog and you really love the color they used I would email them and ask if they know the NCS. Some may only know that it's Benjamin Moore Pink Flamingo, but others may know the NCS or be willing to go and ask at the paint store on their next trip out and find out the info for you :)

  2. Oh my, how cool would a bright pink kitchen look!?!? Awesome idea! :)
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  3. Love that second image! have a lovely weekend:)

  4. These are amazing colors! I had no idea about NCS codes. Thanks for letting me know. I hope you find your paint!
    Go bright!!

  5. You probably need to visit the nearest paint store and look at their swatches :)My advice is to choose the office or store of big paint producing company rather then a building supply store (building supply store might work too!). I think that even knowing the NCS code for the color you liked in the picture would not help because colors look different on different surfaces, in different light, near different other colors around. Even the different level of gloss makes the same shade look different! Thinks about the other colors and materials that are going to be around your perfect pink, find the samples and bring them with you to the paint store.

  6. yay! i love bright details in living spaces. and i can't wait for you diys. they sound super fun.

  7. I don't know much about paint but I can say I think the pink is a good choice and will look great! I hope you find the NCS---can you email anyone and ask? Good luck!

  8. Those kitchens are fu***ng insane! I adore them!

  9. I love the pink! Especially paired with black.

  10. Love your inspiration pics! We always say that pink is our neutral! We painted the inside of our front door bright pink and used Benjamin Moore's potpourri. I do not know the NCS code - but if you want to check out the color, you head to the link below and then ask the staff at Benjamin Moore.

    Here's the pink I used:

    Good luck!
    Meredith & Gwyneth

  11. I'm in LOOOOOVE with those pink cabinets <3


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