Jul 10, 2012

5 min Shamballa Bracelet

First of I just have to say thank you!! Thank you thank you thank you thank you to everyone reading my blog! You are all amazing! Yesterday I turned my first 500 GFC followers and I was so happy!! YAY!!! After getting twitter (man I love that thing so much) as well, its been so nice to say Hi to a few of you, it rocks my world to see your make it & fake it creations. Feel free to send me more @katrinesorum.  (I have also been getting some really great ones by email, thank you for showing me! you guys are so good!!)

A while back I was a guest of the talented Carly of Chick Steals, if you haven't seen it yet (what???? :) ) you should check it out here. Now, over to today's DIY. The one I made for Chick Steals is one of my fav DIY's, but some times you just don't have the time to set aside an hour to get it right, SO this bracelet will give you sort of the same look, but only take you 5min.

You will need string/cord/wire thin enough to get trough your beads, about 17 beads 10mm wide, two smaller beads to add to the ends of your string, and some cotton string scraps for the lock.

1. Tie a knot at the end of your thin string, add one end bead, tie a knot to seal the bead. Then tie another knot 2.5 inch from the end bead. 
2. Add all your beads. 
3. Repeat step 1, but in reverse (seal with knot, then add and secure your end bead in place)
4. Make a macrame lock following this tutorial

Hope you love it! Let me know how it goes (*tweet tweet*) (oh god, I'm obsessed) 


  1. Very creative idea, love the ende result!

    The Urban Umbrella



    1. Thanks! :) You shoudl try it! its super easy!

      love K

  2. It's beautiful, elegant and sophisticated :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. J'aime voir vos créations...

    Gros bisous.

  4. how fun! so beautiful..thanks K my friend for sharing this..

  5. Those beads are so cute! Quick and easy :)


    1. Exactly!! i love the quicky DIY's (i guess its impasient that is causeing it, haha)

      love K


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