Jul 7, 2012

Better with Color

If you have been reading my blog you know that last year I bought an apartment, but as a building project so its yet to be finished. Its supposed to be done Q4 this year, so I am alllll about the Ikea hacks, paint testers house updates these days! 
Right now I am living in the apartment in the basement of my parents house, spending my weekends trying out different decoration ideas for "the real apartment" :) 
I am testing out different pinks for a bright addition to my (soon to be done) place (check out this inspiration post), here I'm testing the paint on the coat hanger!


You need: Some paint (the brighter the better is my go), a paint brush, a paint can opener, and something to paint! I had the lovely people at the paint store mix me the brightest pink they could make.
The NCS code for it is on the top of the can if you like it :)


Adore adore adore adore adore!!! I might just bring this with me to my apartment when its done :) 


  1. Love the pop of color! I think you should take it with you! ;-)

  2. How exciting! I just bought a house and in the process of all the DYI possible! What a cute and fun idea for a hanger!

    1. How exciting!!! my appartement is done in a few months so im just stocking up on house related DIY's to try out :)

      love K


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