Aug 26, 2012


So my little sister that normally write these sister sunday posts has been working with engineers without borders in Panama for the last few weeks so she hasn't really had the time to write. Now they are stuck in Panama because of hurricane Isaak, but I am crossing my fingers they will be home safe soon! Until then I will show you something we made together (together as in I was out on the patio tanning while she did all the actual labour). Croutons, the right kind is the best part of any salad! YUM! and now we will show you how to make your own fav kind, and its super easy!

All you need is some old bread (old as in dry not moulding) some oil about 1,5 tablespoon pr regular size slice of bread and your favorite spices.

Cut the bread in small squares, mix the oil and spices together (we did garlic, basil, salt and pepper), add the bread and flavored oil to a big bowl and mix well. Spread the bread out on a big cooking sheet and bake on low heat in the oven till they are completely crispy. 
They are best right after they are made, but they will keep well for about 2-3 weeks in an air tight container. 

Hopefully lil'sis will be back for more home made goodness next week, but until then, enjoy your fresh salads! 



  1. I'm addicted to croutons! I make them in a regular frying pan, though. I think it's faster (and I don't have to turn on the oven when it's unbelievably hot anyway. They're what make a salad really delightful.


    1. Thats a great idea Sabrina! Especially if you are just making for one person!!

      love K

  2. I love croutons. Especially giant ones soaked in dressing on a ceased salad. YUM.

  3. Looks so yum, I'm hanging for lunch right now.

  4. Those homemade croutons look delicious, Can't wait make some!


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