Aug 28, 2012

Laundry Organizing

So my sis is finally (finally as in; from a nice sunny place back to school and rain in Illinois, haha) leaving Panama, so be excited for next sister sunday cause she is back in action.

As for me, all I'm dreaming about these days is my new appartement (updated move in date; end January). Since its such a big part of my life I thought I would start sharing my decor inspiration, smart ideas for cool living in small spaces and homeDIY's with you on a regular basis. Trust me this is a bit out of my comfort zone so if you have a little interior designer in you, feel free to email me about guest posting :) 
This week I have been obsessing over laundry rooms (actually though.....). I know.. not the most sexy room in the house, but my appartement has one (praise the lord) and I am trying to find ways to make the most of it (since its tiny) and I am a bit OCD about the organizing of my new place.
I was thinking of ways to fit more then one laundry basket since its so boring to sort it, I like having several for different colors and temperatures. With limited floor space its a problem though, but I found this toy organizer on the IKEA website (yes, its where I spend my spare time), and figured it was perfect!!! It will literally take zero floor space, provide laundry organizing and the best part: its mesh so you dont have to worry about your sweaty work out clothes rotting while you are procrastinating doing the laundry! WIN WIN! You can get one at IKEA here, but I am sure they would even have these at the dollar store! What are your tricks to keep your spaces tidy and well organized (trust me, I need all the tips I can get) ? 

If you want to DIY your own, here are some cool once:

You will find instructions here.

You will find instructions here.

Instructions at a The Happy Home


  1. Im an OCD freak as well. My boyfriend hates it. I cant even leave dirty washing in the basket lol I wash way too much.

  2. Hey there!
    I'm a new reader but I wanted to give you a shout out because I am an interior designer! I love IKEA as well--though I wonder if you'd be annoyed with having your dirty laundry hanging from the ceiling in a semi-transparent fashion?
    I just found this steal of a deal at Lowe's last week. They are shelves that basically hang from your closet rod (while miraculously not taking up any space) and you can position their height to fit things like sweaters or pants that you like to keep folded. Best part: they were only $3!!!! THREE. DOLLARS. Check and see if you have them locally...they are called Closet Helper and made by Rubbermaid.
    I love your blog!

    1. I guess that is true, I really dont mind since its a separate laundry room though :) WOW; that sounds amazing, I love organazing my stuff! thank you so much for the tip, i will for sure try to find that whne i go to chicago end of this month!

      love K

  3. I have a fashion blog but love DIY... it was a pleasure to find your blog, I'm you newest follower. Come visit me!

    Monica from Fashion Koketi

  4. We bought one of the ikea hangers for my daughters toys and although they were strong enough to hold the toys - the strap at the top was velcro and it kept falling down - so if you were to use it I would recommend some adjustments to make it stronger.

  5. Great ideas! I like the shelf with the laundry baskets---presorting would help me out sooo much! I'm a laundry freak so I can get mine washed but I hate to fold or put away.


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