Aug 9, 2012


After a long and amazingly lazy summer, I am sure there are more like me that are feeling like forcing themselves getting back to the regular fitness routine. When I had collecting myself enough (from laughing hysterically) and whatsapped all my friends the picture, I figured this needed to be shared! And since I do look a lot like a drowned cat every time I exit the gym, this will be my motto this fall :) 

But there's nothing wrong with looking like a (drowned) fox at the gym too, for my fav gym gear check out 
Lulu lemon (my Canadian obsession).


  1. Haha I'm definitely trying to step up my fitness routine after eating camp food all summer! I just got a new pair of running shoes that I need to break in! I've always admired the lululemon apparel, but I haven't made the splurge yet!

  2. hahahahah I LOVE that quote, so funny!
    I have been working out everyday for the last two months and have really started to notice some results - finally!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  3. HAI!! Short time lurker, first time commenter but I wanted to add that our bootcamp instructor once told me that if you still look good when you're done working out, you didn't work hard enough. ;) Just food for thought, too. It always makes me feel better when I look like a red, sweaty, drowned rat after her classes. LOL

  4. LOL, I am sure you've heard this before but pigs don't sweat that's why they roll around in mud to cool off.

  5. Oh their Wunder Unders are possibly the best thing ever. Maybe I'll make this my fall motto as well...

  6. Great post! Love it! x


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