Sep 9, 2012

Sister sunday: Black Bean Dip

It is finally fall and with that comes apples, colors changing and lots of hot chocolate. For me, it also means the start of a new semester with blank notebooks and full schedules. For my sister, this year it means a work trip to Amsterdam. Which is why she has been MIA for the past week. 

Although I really want to embrace the awesomeness of fall, I still feel slightly sad that summer has come to an end. This dip is a staple in our family and the fresh vegetables are a great way to prolong summer. When both my sister and I still lived with our parents, we would make this almost every Tuesday to enjoy while watching Grey's Anatomy. Nothing like some healthy snacks on your plate and a McSteamy on your screen.

You'll need:
1 small box corn
1 box black beans
3 tomatoes
1/2 red onion
2 avocadoes
fresh cilantro
2 tsb neutral oil
2 tbs red wine vinegar
a squeeze of lime

Cut all the vegetables and herbs (minus avocadoes) and combine them with the corn, oil, vinegar, and lime juice. Leave in fridge for 30 min before you add the avocado.
Enjoy with chips!


  1. mmm. Anything avocado and corn and I am sold. Mexican food is just so good!

    1. haha, thats how i feel!! If theres avocado in it, I love it!

      love K

  2. mhm...look tasty! :)

    check my new post ;)

  3. hva er cilantro? ;) <3

  4. That sounds fab, THIS delicious recipe and Grey's! :)

  5. Oh this looks heavenly! Will absolutely have to try pronto!

    1. You should Emily!! its one of those things i just CANT get enough of! :)

      love K


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