Sep 13, 2012

Zebra Details

I am finally back home (finally is a bit exaggerated here since Amsterdam is officially one of my new fav cities!) after a week of work. As much as I like traveling for work its always so nice to be back home. There is just something about sleeping in my own bed with my own pillow! I am actually considering bringing my pillow with me next time! Who can sleep on the 50inch hotell pillows without getting a neck injury anyway???

So even on travel I am always thinking about the decore I want for my new place. I have been obsessed with animal print since I was a child: me as a 9 year old: Mum, when Angle (my rabbit, named after Aron Carters twin sister, yaiks SO embarrassing!!) dies can we please make her fur into a handbag?? I know, special!! very special! But anyhow, zebra looks awesome an I need some in my appartement. I feel more comfortable with cow hide being dyed though, the real zebras with the mane still poking up and tale hanging down freak me out!! Who wants to trip in a mane on the way to the washroom!? 
Check out these amazing rooms with zebra details: (I must say the taxidermic zebra is my fav, but I think it would freak me the f out every time I had to pass it in the night time, actually just looking at the pic closely freaks me out!!) 


  1. The pattern adds a great statement to the rooms:)

  2. me gusta estos estampados animales por que no son muy exagerados. bss


  3. zebra looks much better at home, than it does in a zoo - that's for sure!:)
    nice selection

    staklene bombone

    1. Lol, true that!!! I saw a lot of them live in africa though and that was better than all of the above :)

      Love K


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