Nov 20, 2012

Design Crush: Jonathan Fuller

So, Im back from NYC and as always it has taken me forever to get back to normal. I just landed on friday so I guess Im not on actual forever yet, but still it takes longish for my body to adjust. I manage to get a cold with me back (freaking great..). On the more upbeat note, guess who had a live preview of her new appartement yesterday?? It was so much fun to actually see it, even though there was cardboard covering the flooring and pipes sticking out of the tiles. January definitely issnt far away. 

I clearly spent the entire time there decorating (in my head!), and now I am desperately looking for all the key pieces. Every hallway needs a mirror and I feel like mine needs this Jonathan Fuller piece of awesomeness! Sanded glass, ombre color = PERFECTION! (would this be a good DIY??)  


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  1. How amazing is this mirror!! Sooo gorgeous!
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  2. Wow! I have plenty of those pieces of glass! Big thank you for the inspiration!!
    lg, lici

    1. Aw, i wish i had too Lici!!! I would have made this!

      love K

  3. This is so beautiful.
    xx Tanya

  4. woah thats stunning, i love collection pieces of glass at the beach :)


  5. ama bu çok güzellllll


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