Dec 1, 2012

First day of Christmas

In my family Christmas starts 1st of December  Every year since I can remember 1st of December we would wake up to Christmas music, a decorated house, and a massive Christmas breakfast. This year was no different, I think it might just be one of my favorite Christmas traditions.  
(its hard to type right now cause everything thats in my head it "fa lalalala la la la la"

Happy Christmas everyone!! 

(And if you dont celebrate christmas, Happy holidays! Happy Christmas seems to be political incorrect these days, but I take any holiday greeting any day, a greeting is a greeting and its nice no mater what!  So bear with me when I wish you all an amazing christmas, 
cause its my very favorite holiday of the year! )

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  1. Haha same day here as well!!
    It's so hard to type since i hear Christmas songs too!!


    1. I love Christmas songs!! I made the longest spotify playlist today!

      love K


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