Dec 3, 2012

ParachuteCord Bracelet

Are you guys done with the Christmas shopping yet? (i can hear most of you go HA HA HA) I got most of my christmas shopping done in NYC luckily. Dont worry thought I will be posting DIY Christmas gift ideas and summaries alll the way till Christmas eve! :) 

Lets start off with a New DIY though. This one will work as a gift of a guy or a girl. Depending a little bit of the guy I guess... :) have fun!

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You will need: Parachute cord, a big-ish clasp, pliers, hairpin and if you want a charm. 
I got everything at Perlehuset. 

Cut about 90cm of the cord you want to have in the center, and about twice for the cord you want to use to macramé. My clasp had to jump rings and one "clasp ring". Add one jump ring to the cord you want as your center.

Add the other jump ring to the opposite side, then pull the cord back down. I used the hair clip to hold the cords in the right position till I started the macrame part. 

Remove the white string from the center of the cord. 

I started doing macrame like here then removed the hair pin.
(other macrame posts 1, 2, 34 if you are feeling eager)

When you come to the end, make the three last "knots" loose, then pull the ends back through. Use the pliers to tighten the three knots. 

Pull the ends back tighter.

Cut the ends of and melt them with a lighter.. BE CAREFUL! 

Add a charm if you want too :) 

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I choose the supplies for this post myself at Perlehuset without having to pay for it. All opinions are my own. I would never feature projects that I didn’t love, created and wore myself- Hekk, I would never feature anything that I don’t love 100%.


  1. I LOVE that version of the square knot! THX for the inspiration! Where do you get these beautiful clasps?
    xo, lici

    1. Hi Lici! I found them on Perlehuset! They have an online store so they might ship online!!!

      love K

  2. I never saw this post! Love the bracelets!! Keep up the good work Kat. And yes, you should keep blogging.


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