Dec 9, 2011

DIY Holiday French Mani

The holidays are here (yay) and I for one is hooked on the sparkle-polish trend! If you feel intimidated by a full glitter mani, why not start with a French? A tad more discrete, but equally fun!  

This is a trick my lil'sis taught me, instead of buying the oh so expensive little stickers made for making French manicures, use Hole Strengtheners (this is their actual name, I checked!) 

(Vet ikke hvor man skulle fått tak i noe sånt i Norge, men hvis du finner et sted online, vær så snill å legg linken i kommentar feltet!)

Make sure you take the stickers off before the polish dries, this means you have to apply the second coat (if you want it opaque) before the first one is dry.

ta ta!

I also saw an excellent DIY today over at Glitter'n Glue. Why wait till you find the perfect glitter polish when you can just make it yourself like this crafty lady?
Be your very own Deborah Lippmann add some sparkel to your favorite topcoat and get festive!

Give it a try, DIY!



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