Dec 6, 2011

DIY yummy Brownies

It is getting colder by the second (at least in Norway, we had out first snow fall in Oslo today) and darkness surrounds us, ohh that sounded gloomy! But excellent excuse to stay in with some gooey chocolate goodness! These brownies are my Mum's staple, they are super simple and everyone seems to love them! The perfect company for PJ's and a Christmas movie!

                                                                          Meet your new BFF!


400g Sugar
4 Eggs

200g margarin
200g dark chocolate (kokesjokolade)

200g All purpose flour
1ts baking powder
1ts vanilla essence (vaniljesukker)

Whisk eggs and sugar.

Melt the margarin and chocolate in a pot on the stove.

Add the dry goods and the melted marg-choch mix to the sugar and eggs, mix it together.

Then add the batter to a pan, (jeg bruker normalt en langpanne som jeg deler 2/3 inn med aluminum's folie) decide the size of the pan on how thick you like it, a rather big heat prof dish should do it. Just remember to adjust the cooking time if you decide to go super thick.

Cook it in the middle of the stove 18-20 min 350 F (175 C)

Too gooey to cut in to elegant pieces, but who cares when it's good enough to place in your lap and eat with a spoon! Yum! (don't send me the gym bill, bikini season isn't until next summer so enjoy it while you can :)

Make it and let me know how it goes!



  1. Tip: Chocolate burn easily. Melt butter, turn of burner and then add chocolate.

  2. Thank you, thats a great Tip! :)

  3. Best brownies ever!!!!


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