Dec 5, 2011

DIY Statement ring

Christmas party season is here, and if you spent your last $$ gift shopping (great for your Karma, not so much for the party look!!) try sprucing up an old dress with some statement jewelry!
This is how I made a great ring with minimal effort and $.

Old nuts and some superglue from my dads garage, diamonds that fell off a pair of shoes.

In my fathers garage I found a box of nuts and screws, I picked a nut that fit my middle finger since that's where I like to wear my bigger rings. I went for a sleek one since my occasion is slightly formal, but go crazy with color and width. I love the golden color of mine, but if you want a different or crazy color go to your hardware store and get som spray paint! The diamonds are some that fell off an old pair of Prada's, I saved them cause I love the fact that they are metall and not transparent. If you're not the type to save all the old nic-nacks (like myself) find/buy something nice and shiny and super glue it on!

Not enough bling for ya? Try gluing them on vertically!

Give it a go, and let us know!



  1. Omg, so cheap and such as great look!

  2. Thanks love, make sure to send a pic when you try it out yourself! :)


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