Dec 21, 2011

DIY Winter sparkle

Norway is turning in to a winter wonderland and now I have the nails to match it! 

I always find that white never gets opaque enough, so I didn't put a base coat since I knew I there would be so many coats of white.

Essie Marshmallow

This is after the first coat, I ended up painting three coats, but it still wasn't super opaque. On the ring finger I only did one coat though. Then after all the other nails were dry I did a thick coat on the ring finger and poured blue glitter over it. Cleaned up with a q-tip and topped it of with a top coat.

 top coat: Orly sec'n dry

Try it with different sparkles!


  1. I love this idea - probably because I love glitter!

  2. Thanks beb, issnt glitter the best? :)

    love K


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